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AS1X Retrievable Packer

AS1X Retrievable Packer

The model AS1X mechanical production packers from Vigor is an ideal tool for completion.
The model AS1X is stretched and compressed to seal the tool, and only needs to turn a quarter of a turn to the right to achieve the tool to be sealed and unsealed.
The model AS1X uses a combination rubber design, which makes the AS1X suitable for a variety of complex well conditions, if you are interested in our AS1X packer, do not hesitate to contact us.

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The Model AS1X Mechanical Production Packers is a retrievable, double-grip compression or tension-set produc tion packer that can be left in tension, compression, or in a neutral position, and will hold pressure from above or below.

A large internal bypass reduces the swabbing effect during run-in and retrieval, and closes when the pac ker is set. When the packer is released, the bypass opens first, allowing the pressure to equalize before the upp er slips are released.

The Model AS1X also features a upper-slip releasing system that reduces the force required to release the packer.

A non-directional slip is released first, making it easier to release the other slips.

5.5''ASX1 Retrievable Packer


1. Holds high pressure differentials from above or below.

2. Can be set using tension or compression.

3. Only one-quarter right rotation is required to set and release.

4. Field-proven releasing system.

5. Optional safety-release features available upon request.

6. Elastomer options available for hostile environments.

7. Bypass valve is below upper slips so the debris is washed from slips when the valve is opened.

ASX1 Retrievable Packer

Operation Instructions Of AS1X Retrievable Packer


Run packer to setting depth.

Pick-up on the tubing and rotate 1/4 turn to the right at the packer.

Lower tubing to engage slips, release right-hand torque while moving tubing downward. (Tubing must be able to rotate back to the left at packer to lock into set position.)

Continue to set weight on packer to pack-off elements.

After setting weight on packer, pick-up on tubing and pull tension in packer to engage upper slips and complete element pack-off.

Repeat setting weight and pulling tension two to three times before landing tubing.

Packer may be landed in compression, tension or neutral position.

ASX1 Retrievable Packer (3)
ASX1 Retrievable Packer (2)

The releasing procedures are the same whether the packer has been tension or compression set.

Set-down weight (normally 1,000 lbs. is sufficient) on the packer and rotate the tubing 1/4 turn right at the packer, then pick-up holding the right-hand torque.

The internal by-pass will open, allowing pressure to equalize.

Further pick- up releases the releasing sequential slip system, relaxing the elements, allowing the packer to be removed from the well.

The packer can be moved and reset without tripping the pipe if the elastomers have not been permanently altered from the well environment.


Technical Specifications

Setting Force Guide
Packer Size (in.) Rubber Element Min. Sealing Force (lbs.)
4-1/2 10,000
5 10,000
5-1/2 10,000
7 15,000
7-5/8 15,000
9-5/8 25,000


Casing Pressure Rating(psi) Packer OD(mm) Packer ID(mm) Thread Type
O.D (in.) WT (in.)
4-1/2 13.5-15.1# 10,000 92.71 50.80 2 7/8" EUE
5 20-23# 10,000 114.3 60.20 2 7/8" EUE
5-1/2 13-20# 10,000 117.48 60.20 2 7/8" EUE
7 26-32# 7,500 149.23 63.50 2 7/8" EUE
9-5/8 47-53.5# 7,000 209.55 101.60 3 1/2" EUE

Temperature Rating:≤120℃,120℃-170℃,170℃-204℃。

Casing Grade Range:≤Q125, H2S & CO2 Resistant Casing

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