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Cable Head

Cable Head

Cable head is a crucial component in wireline logging operations within the oil and gas industry.

It is used to connect downhole logging tools to the wireline cable, which then transmits data from the tools to the surface.

The primary purpose of the cable head is to provide a secure and reliable connection that can withstand the harsh downhole environment and ensure the accurate transmission of data.

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The cable head from Vigor is suitable for cables with a diameter of φ5.6mm, the upper end joint of the instrument is a salvage head type. 

  • Reliability: A robust and reliable logging cable head is essential for ensuring continuous and accurate data transmission during logging operations.
  • Safety: Properly designed and maintained cable heads help prevent equipment failures that could lead to operational hazards.
  • Data Integrity: Ensures the integrity and accuracy of the data collected from downhole tools, which is crucial for making informed decisions in exploration and production.

Functions & Components


Functions of Cable Head

1. Electrical Connection:

- Provides a reliable electrical interface between the wireline cable and downhole tools.

- Ensures the transmission of electrical signals necessary for tool operation and data transmission.

2. Mechanical Connection:

- Offers a robust mechanical connection to support the weight of the logging tools.

- Designed to handle the mechanical stresses and strains encountered during logging operations.

3. Pressure and Environmental Protection:

- Protects electrical connections from downhole pressures and fluids.

- Ensures the integrity of the connection in extreme downhole temperatures and pressures.

4. Data Transmission:

- Facilitates the accurate and efficient transfer of data from downhole logging tools to surface equipment.

- Ensures minimal signal loss or interference during data transmission.

Components of Cable Head

1. Cable Termination:

- The point where the wireline cable is securely attached to the cable head.

- Ensures a strong and stable connection between the cable and the head.

2. Electrical Connectors:

- Provide the necessary electrical interfaces for connecting downhole tools.

- Ensure proper alignment and secure contact for signal transmission.

3. Mechanical Coupling:

- Connects the cable head to the downhole tools.

- Designed to handle the weight and mechanical forces of the logging tools.

4. Seal Assemblies:

- Protect the electrical connections from downhole fluids and pressures.

- Maintain the integrity of the connection in harsh environments.

5. Data Interface:

- Ensures the seamless transmission of data from the downhole tools to the surface.

- May include components to condition and amplify signals for optimal data transfer.



Cable Head (3)

Features of Cable Head

· Connect the cable and the downhole instrument, and transition from the soft cable to the hard instrument, so that the instrument RIH is convenient and flexible

· Could be quickly connected and disassembled, and ensure that the cable and the instrument wire are well connected and insulated

· Stable weak-point force, and the instrument can be broken off from the weak-point by pulling the cable when got stuck in the well

Technical Parameters


43mm(1 11/16")

Max. Temperature Rating


Max. Pressure Rating


Combined Length


Over-all Tool Length



3.5Kg (7.716lbs)

Breaking Force




Cable Head-4

Packing & Transport

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