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Casing Collar Locator (CCL)

Casing Collar Locator (CCL)

The Casing-Collar Locator (CCL) is crucial for depth control in cased-hole logging, essential for correlating depths between cased-hole and openhole logs.

It utilizes a coil-and-magnet setup with a downhole amplifier, detecting collar enlargements in the casing via magnetic field distortions.

This generates a voltage spike known as a collar “kick,” recorded at the surface. CCLs operate in wireline or slickline modes, with real-time slickline tools converting spikes to tension changes for immediate surface detection.

Coiled-tubing applications use pressure spikes transmitted through fluid for detection due to weight constraints.

Tractors in deviated wells can also provide depth control by producing a CCL during operations.

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The Casing Collar Locator (CCL) from Vigor is an instrument for performing positional measurements in casing downhole service operations. The probe is composed of a coil and four magnets, the magnets are divided into two groups and are installed at the upper end and the lower end of the coil respectively, so that the coil is in a constant magnetic field, when the instrument passes through the joint hoop, the magnetic field lines are rearranged, the coil is in a changing magnetic field at this time, so that an alternating current signal is induced in it, the electrical signal is amplified and converted into frequency, this frequency is counted by the single-chip microcomputer on the instrument, and is sent to the telemetry short section when the telemetry short section is addressed, and then sent to the ground by the telemetry short section code through the cable, This completes the measurement of the casing ferrule.

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CCL Casing Collar Locator
Casing Collar Locator(CCL)

· Depth control in casing or tubing
· Location of casing or tubing damage
· Confirmation of perforation depths or intervals
· Obtain formation structure information.
· Measure the position of the casing collar and calibrate depth.
· Measure well temperature and determine oil outlet position.

Technical Parameter


43mm(1 11/16")

Max. Temperature Rating


Max. Pressure Rating


Combined Length


Over-all Tool Length



2.8kg  (6.2Ibs)

Operating Voltage


Operating Current


Bus Protocol Type


Signal-to-Noise Ratio


Logging Speed




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Production & Quality Control

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The Casing Collar Locator (CCL) provided by Vigor, after the production is completed, our team of quality inspection engineers will conduct a quality inspection as soon as possible to ensure that the quality of the product can meet the customer's needs. After the product inspection is completed, we will pack the product in multiple layers to ensure that the product is absolutely safe in transit, so as to ensure that you can receive your goods smoothly and safely. If you are interested in Vigor's drilling and completion logging products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to get the best quality products and the most professional technical support.

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