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Electro-hydraulic Setting Tool

Electro-hydraulic Setting Tool

The Electro-hydraulic Setting Tool takes electrical energy instead of chemical energy as power source, breaks through the bottleneck of power source restriction in limited space, and realizes the conversion of electric energy, hydraulic energy and sealing force.

Original “return oil reset one-way valve device” design, instantly restore the working state, ensure continuous operation, reduce the frequency and cost of maintenance, and provide a reliable guarantee for the overall replacement of explosives.

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●  Wireline conveyed, no need much maintenance after a setting job in the field.
●  With less accessories, and less operation personnel, cost down for labor in the field.
●  Adopted full hydraulic power structure, easy to operate, lower rate of trouble shootings.
●  Pressure balancing system design, the pull force will not be effected by the well depth and mud density.
●  The max setting force is no less than 350KN, large stroke, compatible to different type of bridge plugs.

Real time monitoring and record setting force, setting stroke, and complete setting process recording.
New Releasable Unit design: When the tools cannot be retrieved from bridge plug, the releasable unit can drop the bridge plug to prevent from downhole accident.

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Technical Parameter



 1-11/16” (43mm)  2-7/8” (73mm)  3-5/8” (92mm)
Setting Tool Net Length 5.84ft (1780mm) 5.16ft (1572mm) 5.5ft (1676mm)
Transportation Length 6.89ft (2100mm) 7.15ft (2180mm) 7.96ft (2300mm)
Setting Tool Weight 51.78lbs (23.3kg) 86.5lbs (39.3kg) 142lbs (64.5kg)
Operation Max Temp -40℃~175℃ -40℃~175℃ -40℃~175℃
Max Pressure 20000 Psi (140Mpa) 20000 Psi (140Mpa) 20000 Psi (140Mpa)
Power Supply 1.4Amax/210VDC 1.4Amax/210VDC 1.3Amax/210VDC
Max Setting Force 60 KN (6 Ton) 200 KN (20 Ton) 350 KN (35 Ton)
Max Stroke 180 mm (7.08in) 200 mm (7.87in) 240 mm (9.45in)
Setting Tool Type Baker-5# Style Baker-10# Style Baker-20# Style

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