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Electro-Magnetic Interference Tool (EMIT)

Electro-Magnetic Interference Tool (EMIT)

Vigor’s Electro-Magnetic Interference Tool (EMIT) uses the electrical and magnetic properties of casing and tubing under electromagnetic action to detect the technical condition of downhole casing according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, and can determine the thickness, cracks, deformation, dislocation inner and outer wall corrosion of casing.

Compared with other current detection technologies, electromagnetic detection is a non-destructive, non-contact detection method, which is not affected by the liquid in the well, casing fouling, wax formation and downhole wall attachments, and the measurement accuracy is higher. At the same time, the electromagnetic detector can also detect defects in the outer string of the casing. The unique advantages of electromagnetic detection make it one of the most widely used casing damage detection technologies in the world.

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VIGOR Electro-Magnetic Interference Tool (EMIT) is an electromagnetic defect scope used to measure casing and tubing corrosion with and outer diameter of 43mm, the tool is mainly run thru-tubing with the unique ability to simultaneously inspect tubing and 2-3 layers of casing behind it. The integrity of the casing string can be evaluated without the requirement for costly workover rig and the time consuming removal of the tubing string.

The Vigor`s new EMIT can evaluate quantitative thickness measurement and damage detection of up to four concentric pipes. The advanced instrument combines a high-power transmitter, improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) electronics, and a completely high-profile acquisition module and algorithm. This flexible method can be used for a wide range of evaluation applications in different test environments.

Electro-Magnetic Interference Tool (EMIT)-2


Adopted a 13-core quick connector, which can be easily connected to Gamma, CCL, MIT, CBL, downhole eagle eye, and other tools quickly.

Available to inspect the inner and outer wall of the casing flaw.

Available to identify the damage type, such as horizontal crack, vertical crack, corrosion etc.

Available to identify 3-4 layer of pipes.

Memory logging, easy for operation.

Compatible with other Vigor’s cased hole tool to finish well integrity evaluation.

Electro-Magnetic Interference Tool (EMIT)-3
Electro-Magnetic Interference Tool (EMIT)-4

This EMIT has a set of short ("C") and a set of long ("A"), and adopts the principle of transient electromagnetic method. The transmitting probe transmits high-energy electromagnetic pulses into the surrounding pipeline, Then the pipeline records the compound attenuation of eddy current signals based on the physical principle of pulse eddy current (PEC), and these signals are finally used to evaluate the pipeline condition.

The long sensor records up to 127 channels, and its decay time ranges from 1ms to 280ms. This captures the fast attenuation signal of the far-field signal from the alloy tube to the large casing. The short-circuit sensor has a smaller measuring aperture and a higher vertical resolution to scan the inner tube.

Technical Parameter

General Specification

Tool Diameter

43mm (1-11/16in)

Temperature Rating

-20℃-175℃ (-20℉-347℉)

Pressure Rating

100Mpa (14500PSI)


1750mm (68.9in)



Measurement Range


Pipe Size Range


Logging Curves


Max logging Speed


First Pipe

Pipe Wall Thickness


Thickness Accuracy


Minimum Longitudinal Crack of Casing


Second Pipe

Pipe Wall Thickness


Thickness Accuracy

0.254mm (0.01in)

Minimum Longitudinal Crack of Casing


Third Pipe

Pipe Wall Thickness


Thickness Accuracy

1.52mm (0.06in)

Minimum Longitudinal Crack of Casing


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