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ESP Packer

ESP Packer

The ESP Packer from Vigor is a hydraulic set packer specifically designed for electric pump production wells.
With its three-string configuration, it offers enhanced efficiency and productivity for oil and gas extraction operations.
Utilizing a hydraulic setting mechanism, the ESP Packer ensures a secure and reliable seal between the casing and tubing, preventing any leakage and optimizing the performance of the electric pump system.
This advanced packer technology provided by Vigor is tailored to meet the specific needs of electric pump production wells, providing operators with a reliable solution to improve their production processes.

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ESP Packer is the triple-strings hydraulic set packer used for the electric pump production well.

When the packer is transmitted through the tubing, a hydraulic set would then accomplish seal of tubing and casing annulus and the packer would be set.

The packer would be released after the pins are sheared by a straight pull of tubing.

This packer is equipped with cable packoff as well as the joint for installing the bleed valve.

ESP Packer can be used for the ESP completion operation.

ESP Packer


ESP Packer (2)

- High reliability

- Working pressure differential is 2500 psi

- Release force adjusted by employing a different shear ring

- Short body enables easy round trip operation

- Material selection for the elastomer: Nitrile, HNBR and Aflas

- Material selection for the body: AISI4140 or AISI4340

- Reliable setting

- Set by pressurizing the tubing

- The fourth or fifth string can be added for chemical injection, fiber traversing or automatic gas vent valve installation if required by the clients

- All types of threads are available

Technical Parameter


Tubing Norms

Casing Norms

Casing Weight(lbs)


Primary String ID

Secondary String ID (in.[mm])

Third String ID (in.[mm])

ESP-3 1/2 - 9 5/8

3 1/2
2 7/8

9 5/8

43.5 - 47





47 - 53.5


ESP-2 7/8- 7 5/8

2 7/8
2 3/8

7 5/8

26 - 29.7








- What the Casing Size ESP Packer can suit for ?

1.3-1/2-9-5/8 ESP Packer can suit for the 9-5/8” Casing

2.2-7/8-7-5/8 ESP Packer can suit for the 7-5/8” Casing

Delivery of photos

Our Packages are tight and convenient for storage, we make sure ESP Packer safely reach client fields even after thousands of kilometers long trip transportation by sea and by truck, we also have our inventory which can meet the requirements of large and urgent orders from client.

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