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Free-point Indicator Tools (VFPT)

Free-point Indicator Tools (VFPT)

Many factors can contribute to a drilling or workover string getting stuck in the well. Some extra examples are borehole conditions, wellbore fluid properties, formation characteristics and assembly problems.

Vigor Free-Point Indicator Tool accurately determines the stuck point in pipe, tubing or a casing string. The real-time data allows the operator to make rapid and informed decisions in determining the next steps to recover the stuck downhole assembly.

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When drill pipe or tubing are stuck in the well and stop regular activities, Vigor Free-Point Indicator Tool can reduce the costly rig time for client.

With single-trip operation, the Vigor Free-Point Indicator Tool can slightly magnetize the pipe or tubing during run in hole. When reach the target position, then lift the pipe to measure the changes in the pipe’s magnetic properties and store the data in our Memory Unit-MHWT43C.

After the collecting of data, then proceed the data with a special software and differ out the free/stuck pipe position with standard report.

Free-point Indicator Tools (VFPT)



VFPT can efficiently achieve continuous measurement in drill pipe/tubing, and has high practicality when compared to traditional point measurement card instruments.

VFPT can quickly and accurately determine the stuck point position in high-deviated or horizontal well through a single-trip logging process, suitable to high-strength alloy pipes and coated pipes.

VFPT adopts a fully isolated dual backup structure, which can safely and reliably complete each logging task.

Wireline conveyed, coiled tubing conveyed or Sucker Rod conveyed to log in horizontal well.

Easy to work in small hole well, no need to anchor in well during logging when compared to traditional free-point tool.

Technical Parameter

General Specifications

Tool Diameter

43mm (1-11/16 In.)

Temperature Rating

-20℃-175℃ (-20T-347T)

Pressure Rating

140Mpa (20,000PSI)

VFPT Length

1750mm (68.9in)



Measurement Range


Pipe Material


Medium Influence


Max. Logging Speed


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