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Logging Memory Unit (MHWT43C)

Logging Memory Unit (MHWT43C)

VIGOR Logging Memory Unit (MHWT43C) is developed for storing and reading data when it is together used with our logging tools through wireline, slickline, coiled tubing, tubing or dill pipe.

It can communicate with a laptop installed our special software through USB interface to read and download data.

The specialized recording software will retrieve and store data based on user-defined schedule. This schedule can control the tool to enter and exit sleep mode, the sampling rate of each sensor,and tool commands (the system supports various time depth recorders).

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The VIGOR Logging Memory Unit (MHWT43C) is specifically designed for data storage and retrieval when used in conjunction with our logging tools. This versatile unit can be used with wireline, slickline, coiled tubing, tubing, or drill pipe operations.

The VIGOR Logging Memory Unit (MHWT43C) is equipped with a USB interface that allows seamless communication with a laptop installed with our specialized software. This software enables users to read and download data from the unit easily. The software also includes a user-defined "schedule" feature that controls various aspects of the logging tool's operation.

With the "schedule" feature, users can define sleep mode intervals, set the sampling rate for each sensor, and send tool commands. The system supports various time depth recorders, ensuring accurate and precise data recording.

In summary, the VIGOR Logging Memory Unit (MHWT43C) provides efficient and reliable data storage and retrieval capabilities for logging operations. Its ability to communicate with a laptop and its customizable scheduling options make it a valuable tool for data management in the oil and gas industry.

China Vigor Logging Memory Unit-MHWT43C
China Vigor Logging Memory Unit-MHWT43C-2

Technical Parameter

General Specifications

Tool Diameter

43mm (1-11/16in)

Temperature Rating

-20℃-175℃ (-4℉-350℉)

Pressure Rating

105Mpa (15000PSI)


570mm (22.4in)


4.5Kg (101 lbs)

Top Connection

Fast Connection

Bottom Connection

13 Core



8 Giga Bytes


Working Voltage

15V -30V

Working Current

Active: 22mA ± 5mA Idle: 15mA2

Signal Transmission Method

Communicate with Computer

USB 2.0

Instrument Bus

CAN-Bus 2.0 @ 1MHz

Max. Reading Speed

10 MBytes/sec

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