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Memory Cement Bond Tool (MCBT)

Memory Cement Bond Tool (MCBT)

Vigor’s Memory Cement Bond Tool is to evaluate the cement bond integrity between the casing and formation in 8 angular segments by providing the measurements of the cement bond amplitude (CBL) through the near receivers at both 2-ft and 3-ft, variable density log (VDL) through the far receiver (5-ft), each segment covers a 45° section, which allows a 360° evaluation on the integrity of the cement bond.
Optional for compensated sonic Cement Bond Tool for the customized requirement. Compact structure design with a short length of the whole tool string for memory logging.

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Vigor Memory Cement Bond Tool (MCBT)

Vigor's Memory Cement Bond Tool is specifically designed to assess the integrity of the cement bond between the casing and the formation. It accomplishes this by measuring the cement bond amplitude (CBL) using near receivers positioned at both 2-ft and 3-ft intervals. Additionally, it utilizes a far receiver at a distance of 5-ft to obtain the variable density log (VDL) measurements.

To ensure a comprehensive evaluation, the tool divides the analysis into 8 angular segments, with each segment covering a 45° section. This enables a thorough 360° assessment of the cement bond's integrity, providing valuable insights into its quality.

For those seeking customized solutions, we also offer an optional compensated sonic Cement Bond Tool. This tool can be tailored to meet specific requirements and boasts a compact structure design, resulting in a shorter overall length of the tool string. Such characteristics make it particularly suitable for memory logging applications.

Memory Cement Bond Tool (MCBT)


Memory Cement Bond Tool (MCBT)-2
  1. Designed with a 13-core quick change sub, easy to connect with any other logging tools.
  2. The gamma ray, CCL and temperature sensors are built in one tool for memory logging.
  3. Calibration after logging.
  4. Inclination and relative azimuth data acquisition.
  5. Independent structure of sensor, high reliability and convenient for maintenance.
  6. Logging through drill pipe, tubing, slickline or wireline,enable deployment in highly deviated and horizontal well.
  7. Large data memory of 10G bits.
  8. High-speed acquisition frequency @320ms to achieve precise logging.
  9. Fast reading speed of data after logging, over 10Mb/s.
  10. Large storage, enable over 200hrs logging time in the well.
  11. Field labor saving.
  12. Project time saving.
  13. Less equipment required for logging.

Technical Parameter

Parameter of Memory Cement Bond Tool (MCBT)
Pressure Rating 14,500psi (100Mpa)/20000psi(140Mpa)
Temperature 350F (175C)
Min. Casing OD. 4" (101mm)
Max. Casing OD. 10" (254mm)
Tool OD. 2-3/4" (70mm)
Tool Weight 97lbs (44kgs)
Max. Logging Speed 32ft/min (10m/min)
Conductor Utilization 13-core

Logging Conditions

Well Fluid Oil, Fresh Water, Salty Water
Tool Position Center of Casing
Sensors Parameters
Transmitter 1
Receiver 2
AD Resolution Ratio 12 bit
AD Acquisition Rate 10Mps
8-segment receiver: 3ft
VDL receiver: 5ft

Power Supply System

Voltage 15 to 30 VDC
Current 80mA @ 20VDC
Sampling Period 320ms
Transducer 20KHz
Memory Capacity 10G bits

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