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ProGuide™ Continuous Gyro Inclinometer

ProGuide™ Continuous Gyro Inclinometer

Vigor’s ProGuide™ Continuous Gyro Inclinometer adopts the latest wellbore direction servo-controlled measuring principle, with high-precision continuous logging, fast measurement speed, accurate and reliable data. It can be used for re-measurement of borehole trajectory, side tracking, orientation and a wide range of well survey applications.

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Vigor’s ProGuide™ Continuous Gyro Inclinometer measuring instrument is a new type of continuous gyro inclinometer for drilling engineering, directional drilling and borehole trajectory measurement, it can be applied to real-time measurement for both onshore and offshore platforms, cluster well orientation, side tracking and borehole trajectory.

The results are an important record of completion logging, accurately recording the direction of the wellbore trajectory, and providing reliable well history data for future operations such as reservoir research, oil production engineering and secondary development.




Wellbore trajectory measurement, used to record well history inclinometry data and borehole trajectory remeasurement in casing;

Offshore drilling platform cluster well orientation, used for trajectory measurement and directional measurement in magnetic interference environments such as adjacent wells;

Diagonal orienteering, used for old well side tracking;

Directional perforation for oil production engineering.

Features and benefits


Self-North Seeking;

Continuous measurement, real-time recording;

No field calibration required;

(INC ‹ 3°) High-precision azimuth measurement;

Fast measurement speed, reaching more than 7500m/h.


High impact resistance and vibration resistance, high reliability;

Simple and easy operation;

Complete records with user-friendly software operation;

Automatic drift correction.

Technical parameters

● Azimuth: (0 - 360)°±0.5°

● Inclination : (0 -70)°±0.05°

● Tool face: (0 - 360)°±0.5°

● Pressure rating:  140 MPa (with thermos).

● Temperature rating: 80℃,  175 ℃ (with thermos).

● Impact resistance: 1000 g, 0.5 ms, ½ sine.

● Pressure shield diameter: 45 mm (with thermos).

● Standard”R”or”E”guide shoe.


Frequently Asked Question


Q1: Can the ProGuide™ Continuous Gyro work for trajectory measurement in magnetic interference environments?

A1: Yes, Vigor’s ProGuide™ Continuous Gyro can work in the magnetic interference environment without any issue, and it still keeps the high accuracy.


Q2: Will the Continuous Gyro work with any wireline unit?

A2: Yes, Vigor’s ProGuide™ Continuous Gyro has its own software and control panel, can be worked with any wireline unit

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Our Packages are tight and convenient for storage, we make sure ProGuide™ Continuous Gyro Inclinometer safely reach client fields even after thousands of kilometers long trip transportation by sea and by truck, we also have our inventory which can meet the requirements of large and urgent orders from client.

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