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ProGuide™ Series Gyro Inclinometer

ProGuide™ Series Gyro Inclinometer

The Vigor ProGuide Series Gyro Inclinometer is a cutting-edge device that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure precise and accurate measurements.

This inclinometer is designed to operate without the interference of electrical currents, making it ideal for use in remote or adverse environments.

The automatic correction feature ensures that the inclinometer maintains its accuracy over time, while the offset of less than 1% guarantees that even small variations in position will be accurately recorded.

With a service life of up to 100,000 hours and ultra-high durability, the Vigor ProGuide Series Gyro Inclinometer is a reliable investment for anyone looking to save time, trouble, and worry in their work.

Whether you are an engineer, surveyor, or researcher, this inclinometer is an essential tool for ensuring accurate measurements and data collection.

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The  ProGuide™ Series Gyro Inclinometer is a state-of-the-art device that utilizes solid-state gyroscope technology and MEMS accelerometer to provide accurate single and multi-point inclinometer readings with north-seeking capabilities. Its compact size, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, and superior measurement accuracy make it a versatile tool for repeated survey of well trajectory and directional sidetracking drilling. With the  ProGuide™ Series Gyro Inclinometer, you can rest assured that you're getting reliable and precise data every time.

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●  High speed logging, up to 7500 m/h.

●  Gyro probe has lower power consumption and longer storage working time.

●  Real-time measurement of GT and EHR.

●  High accuracy and temperature resistance.

●  Excellent impact and vibration resistance.

●  Use Solid-state gyroscope and MEMS accelerometer.

●  Compatible with storage and real-time mode measurement.

●  Friendly software operating system.


Technical Parameter


●  Azimuth: (0 - 360)°±1.0°

●  Inclination : (0 -70)°±0.1°

●  Tool face: (0 - 360)°±1.5°

●  Pressure rating:  140 MPa (with thermos).

●  Temperature rating: 80℃,  150 ℃ (with thermos).

●  Impact resistance: 1000 g, 0.5 ms, ½ sine.

●  Pressure shield diameter: 45 mm (with thermos).

●  Standard ”R”or”E”guide shoe.



Our Packages are tight and convenient for storage, we make sure ProGuide™ Continuous Gyro Inclinometer safely reach client fields even after thousands of kilometers long trip transportation by sea and by truck, we also have our inventory which can meet the requirements of large and urgent orders from client.


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