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Surface Time & Depth Recorder (MTDR)

Surface Time & Depth Recorder (MTDR)

VIGOR Surface Time & Depth Recorder (MTDR) is developed for recording the logging time, depth, speed and tension when the logging instrument is conveyed by slick line or wireline.

It can communicate with laptop and display the real-time depth, wireline tension, speed and logging time.

Additionally, the number of Martin Dyke pulses and current depth can be set at anytime through software.

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The VIGOR Surface Time & Depth Recorder (MTDR) is an advanced device specifically designed for accurate recording of logging time, depth, speed, and tension during slick line or wireline conveyance of logging instruments. Its versatile functionality includes seamless communication with a laptop and real-time display of critical parameters such as depth, wireline tension, speed, and logging time.

This innovative recorder goes beyond basic data collection by offering additional customization options through its software interface. Users can conveniently set the number of Martin Dyke pulses and adjust the current depth at any given time, ensuring precise and tailored logging operations to meet specific requirements.

With its comprehensive capabilities and user-friendly interface, the VIGOR Surface Time & Depth Recorder (MTDR) plays a crucial role in enhancing logging efficiency and accuracy. By providing real-time data visualization and customizable settings, it empowers operators to make informed decisions and optimize logging processes in the oil and gas industry.

Surface Time & Depth Recorder (MTDR)-2

Technical Parameter

General Specifications

Working Temperature







2GB non-volatile memory

General Interface

USB 2.0

Power Supply

Through USB or Power Supply Cable

Sampling Time


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