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Tension Sub

Tension Sub

Tension is one of the items that must be measured during open-hole logging.
The tension sub is used to measure the tensile and compressive forces acting on both ends of the tool in the axial direction.
Facilitate the early detection of stuck or obstructed tool strings during the logging process, provide warning information for the system, and take emergency measures in a timely manner.
If you feel any interests in Vigor’s Tension Sub or other relevant downhole tools, you can always contact us for learning more.

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The Tension Sub from Vigor is used to correctly judge the status of the cable or instrument stuck in the logging process, which is of great significance to improve the logging efficiency and reduce the logging cost.

In the real job, there is often a phenomenon that the instrument is stuck when it is run into the well or lifted up, but it is difficult to distinguish whether the cable is stuck or the instrument is stuck in the process of lifting.

If the correct measures cannot be taken according to the real status of the downhole string, the cable will have risks of being cut down or the instrument is left the well, which will seriously affect the furnishing of the logging task and increase extra cost.

Vigor's Tension Sub with great technical properties which will help client to avoid these potential risks.

Tension Sub-2


Tension Sub is usually connected to the lower end of the cable head and the upper of the telemetry. The axial tensile or compressive force received by any link of the tool string is transmitted to the tension sensor to generate an electrical signal, which is sent to the remote transmission tool.

The outline drawing of the Tension Sub is shown in Figure 1:

Tension Sub-5

Figure 1 outline drawing of the Tension Sub.


Tension Sub_副本

·Truly reflect the real-time force of downhole instruments.
·Can be combined with a variety of instruments for logging.
·Can be used in high-temperature and high-pressure jobs.
·Maximum tension ranges up to 25,000 lbf.

Technical Parameter


3-3/8 in

Makeup Length

42.4 in

Max. Temperature


Max. Pressure

20000 psi

Max. Tension


Max. Compression


Overload Rating


Max. Load Cell Excition Voltage

15 VDC


Tension Sensitivity: 2.5027mV/V@ +20,000lbs;

Compression Sensitivity: -2.4973mV/V @ -20,000lbs

Delivered Photoes

Tension Sub-6
Tension Sub-7
Tension Sub-8
Tension Sub-8

Our Packages are tight and convenient for storage, we make sure Tension Sub safely reach client fields even after thousands of kilometers long trip transportation by sea and by truck, we also have our inventory which can meet the requirements of large and urgent orders from client.

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