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VIGOR Addressable Switch System

VIGOR Addressable Switch System

The Vigor Addressable Switch System is a new type of perforating control technology that utilizes a unique switch recognition program, specific communication codes and commands output from the control panel to enable a selective perforating operation. The Switch is designed disposable and polarity discriminating which allows sequential firing control, used mostly for the horizontal well multi-stage selective perforation job.

The change of well temperature and ignition voltage-current at the switch can be real-time reflected in the Surface Control Panel during the ignition process.

Our Addressable System enable the perforating operation safer, more reliable and more stable compared to conventional pressure switch.

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Product Details

Surface Control Panel

Addressable Switch

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  • 1.Up to 40 guns can be run on a single string.
  • 2.Real-time monitoring of ignition voltage, current and well temperature.
  • 3.A by-pass function in the event of misfire.
  • 4.Bi-directional communication system provides accurate, reliable and safe operations.
  • 5.Temperature Rating up to 347 deg F.
  • 6.Comprehensive touch screen and button interface.
  • 7.Control panel can be used as a stand alone system or controlled by using computer interface software.
  • 8.All operations can be logged and recorded for future references.
  • 9.Compatible with the warrior system.

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    Environment Requirement

    Operation Temp Range [°C] -10 to 55°C

    Electric Performance

    Power AC 220-240 VAC
    Power frequency 50-60 Hz, Single, 2 Wires + Ground
    Voltage Output 0 to +250 VDC
    Current Output 0 to 2.0A, Max 3A
    Power Output 350W (250V/2A)
    Humidity 10% to 95% RH/No Dew
    Adapt to Altitude 10,000 ft

    Other Parameter

    Size[mm] 420x 286 x 180
    Weight [kg] 10 kg
    Accessory Wire 10A/250V, 3 copper core7 ft
    IMG_20191105_171757 (2) IMG_20191112_140642 (2)

    Environment Requirement

    Operation Temperature Range [°C] -20 to 160 ℃
    Memory Temperature Range [°C] -40 to 175 ℃
    Thermal Deformation °C/min [°C] 5 ℃
    Vibration Test 10 / min, 3.5 ft
    Humidity 10% to 95% RH / No Dew
    Adapt to Altitude/ft 10000ft

    Electric Performance

    Working Voltage 10 to 270 VDC
    Communication Current 25.0 mA
    Fire Current 1.0A/12 s, 1.5A/5 s
    Communication Mode Control by Special Signal, Intercommunication


    Detonator EBW 55Ω or Higher, Magnetoelectric Detonator, EFI
    Igniter 60Ω or Higher
    Size 50 * 22 *10 mm
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